A Poem for you about Jtown

low flying night clouds pink from the city below

think to the bright stars and wonder as a man plays a
piano real slow

desire and fustration are all put aside as i feel
hashechina pass me by

its power and might solemnly take me in and i see the
fight, the one about sin

clear skies laugh brightly looking at the buildings
towerred high

they see the comets race all night and see the sun as
they fly

its pink glare looks through me as if it once knew me
and gave me good time for a stare

and down came a spider that sat down beside her
really gave miss muffett a scare (ooohhmmmmm)

habits are hard to brak even if it's better for you

new loves are hard to make 'cause sometimes they
forsake you

i'll make it mine i'll do it with pride

the fight we all have it all comes from inside

they see a humiliated people all crying for glee

when all they secretly want, simply, to be free

there's no more racing the clouds now glide

lightlessness and weightlessness it's between
humility and pride

so seek yourselves forth and let yourselves in

we've set up the groundwork it's time to move in

even in hard times when we're weak and shallow we
mustn't get lost with a care

can you see me? i'm light, an arrow with quivers to
notch my despair

set me in flight, as a cloud floats by
let me be free, in pink air