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About the Site:

israelVR is a website created by photographers, educators, guides, and media designers, showcasing places, mainly in Israel, in virtual reality using linked panoramic photos, still photographs, text and more. We also create custom designed virtual tours of different loactions around the globe. This website also showcases the work of various photographers, writers, filmakers and other artists. We do not claim any political position except that people should get along with each other, and we may or may not support any opinions expressed in this website.

israelVR.com is a provider of Web based virtual tours, visual media, and written material. We design for tourism, travel, education, and journalistic publications.
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I AM GOLEM!Andy Alpern, pictured here in front of the Golem Museum in Prague, is the Director and Web Master of israelVR.com. He is a photographer, web designer, educator, chef, and all around critic. Andy wishes to see the world at peace, once and for all, so he can go cool places without getting killed.

Vystup!Dan Aviv is the Educational Director of israelVR.com. He recently completed his PhD in Jewish Education, writing a dissertation on Food and Knowledge. He hopes to become a 'professional Jew' and sit in an Ivory Tower surrounded by the protective walls of academia.

The Golem, pictured here in front of the Andy Museum in Prague, is the mascot and protector of israelVR.com. He was created in a mysterious kabbalistic ceremony by the israelVR.com staff to thwart the Devil's plans and send the Prince of Darkness back to roast in the infernal fires of damnation. Heh....!The Devil , pictured here, is the arch enemy of israelVR.com. His greatest trick is convincing everyone that he doesn't exist.




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