We will begin boarding in a few moments. If this is your first time with us, keep reading. If you have traveled with us before, or don't want to bother with these instructions, click on the IVR emerald triangle. It will take you directly to our sites in Israel.

The virtual tour you are about to take has four components. The first is the panoramic picture which gives you a 360 degree view of the location from a specific vantage point. You can turn left, turn right, zoom in and zoom out through using your mouse and/or the toolbar beneath the picture. Additionally, some of the pictures have hot spots which allow you to move to another location within the site or to another place in Israel. You will know if you found a hot spot when your cursor changes from the usual arrow into a finger pointing to a globe.

The second component is still photographs. To the left of the panorama, you will see an icon of a digital camera. Clicking on it will open up another window to reveal the stills. In the future, this lone icon will be joined by others indicating streaming audio, video and travelogues.

The third component is a map of Israel which is to the right of the panorama. It indicates where you are in Israel with a "U R Here" sign at your present location.

The fourth component is the site-specific guide (or "hadrakha" in Hebrew). This text will explain what it is you are seeing. Each tour will begin with you locating the IVR emerald triangle, and as you read, you will be directed to move to the left or the right as the text entertains, educates and enlightens. Once you click on the IVR emerald triangle above, you will be taken to our sites in Israel. A map will appear with a number of locations marked in red. (The locations outside of Israel will be accessible by plane.) When rolling your cursor over a particular site, its name and a thumbnail photo will appear in a frame to the right. Click on the red spot or on the thumbnail to head off on your VR tour. Remember to come back each night as during Chanukah, we will be adding one site each night to expand the scope of this virtual tour. We hope this introduction was not too wordy or tedious. We just want to make sure you enjoy your time with us to the fullest. And so, if you are ready, we can begin. Click on the IVR emerald triangle above.

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